When I Bursted Into Tears

I just couldn't help myself,
but I thought you ought to know.
So, yes.
I bursted into tears.

There was a feeling of relieved,
to be followed by fear.

What if you can't stand me in the future?


The Everyday Shocks

In your room,
you remain silence.
I know.

How are you?
Everything's okay?
Maybe no.

In my room,
I sense his presence.
No, not you.

How are you?
Everything's okay?
I don't think so.

The everyday shocks you get,
the average rocks bumped to your chest.
Feel them lifting you up high and above,
and gone.


Count Down To 22

Within less than an hour,
I am going to turn 22.

Oh, wow.
This is great.

Love comes and goes,
and I have learnt many things within the past year.

Thank you everyone.

You may hate me,
you may like me.
I will still love you all.

Happy birthday to me!


A Sweet Taste Of A Bitter Feeling

You're so close,
I even memorize your scent.
But I don't have you...

I don't even know what this is.

So I stay put,
admire you from where I stand.
I know what I am to you now...

Shouldn't have hoped.

It's going to cause me efforts,
but knowing you more makes them all worth.
I believe that time will come.

The hope shall not gone.


Total Weirdness

Used to thought that this would be easy,
not at all.
I had no idea that this would cause a massive damage.

Do I have to apologize for those who remains?
Those were not my fault either.

Surprises were beyond expectation,
what have we done?

This is what I feel that won't be shared,
of things that cause hatreds.
For I might be angry, yet shall not do sins.


Ticking Time

Tick tock..
Tick tock..
He's coming back.

Knick knack..
Knick knack..
I don't think I'm well prepared.

He shall strengthen me, though.


Things I Can No Longer Share With You

I'm moving out within these couple or three years.
Could even be within this year.
I might be back,
or I might not.
I have no idea.

What makes me sad the most,
is that I can no longer share this with you.