See Things Differently

This is what most people do...
being spectators.

Giving comments on what others do,
but for themselves...
...they do nothing instead.

This is what most people think...
being a trend-setter is better than being a follower.

I'd say,
even a trend-setter is a follower...
...so there's nothing wrong with being a follower.

It's just a matter of viewing things from another horizon...

I'd say,
it's legal to be different.


What Are Us?

Where are you?

Long have you disappeared.
An unusual habit of you.
Long have I been worried.

Who am I?

Long have I been trying to be alone.
So not me, so untrue.
Long have I been known that it is undone.


Simultaneous Chain

Do we have to...
...change for people we love?
Do they change for us?

Do we have to...
...smile in front of people we care,
when we actually want to cry out loud?
Do they smile for us,
even when they're down?

Do we have to...
...act as if we were strong,
when we know that we're weak?

Do we have to...
...put a smile on a sunny day?
Pretending to love the sunny weather,
when we hate it...

Faking denial.


Those Terms

It's only a term,
of an unexplainable stupidity.
Called alacrity.

You know it's never easy to let go,
and why you said so?

It's only a term,
of an unexplainable stupidity.
Called ego.


So, Just Stop!

There 'it'goes again..
acting like 'it' knows me that well.

I'm simply fed up.
But I just sighed,
some people just have no manners..
..acting like they're right and we're wrong.

Life's not about black and white,
but grey.

So, just stop!
Stop acting like knowing my life so well!
Back off!
Fuck off!