An Extra Ordinary Memory

It was not another ordinary past.
It was special and precious.
She keeps one extra ordinary memory to the last,
of the one who used to be precious...
...and still is.

She loves the sound of the piano,
of which always reminds her of the precious one.
The one who introduced her to the piano.
Everything was undone...
...left behind.



Where am I standing?

I'm feeling like splitted into two.
Nothing else I could do.

What am I thinking?

I'm feeling like so unhappy.
Yet, no anxiety.

What am I saying?

I'm feeling like a fragile branch.
A horse trapped in a ranch.

What am I wanting?

Myself with whom?
Myself on a happy season of autumn.


What Would I Be Without You?

Without you to be the voice,
I would be the eternal silence.

There was light,
to brighten the dark.
There was water,
to splash the land.

There you are,
to walk along with me...