A Sweet Taste Of A Bitter Feeling

You're so close,
I even memorize your scent.
But I don't have you...

I don't even know what this is.

So I stay put,
admire you from where I stand.
I know what I am to you now...

Shouldn't have hoped.

It's going to cause me efforts,
but knowing you more makes them all worth.
I believe that time will come.

The hope shall not gone.


Total Weirdness

Used to thought that this would be easy,
not at all.
I had no idea that this would cause a massive damage.

Do I have to apologize for those who remains?
Those were not my fault either.

Surprises were beyond expectation,
what have we done?

This is what I feel that won't be shared,
of things that cause hatreds.
For I might be angry, yet shall not do sins.


Ticking Time

Tick tock..
Tick tock..
He's coming back.

Knick knack..
Knick knack..
I don't think I'm well prepared.

He shall strengthen me, though.