Mark My Words

When you are being silent,
no one can understand what you have in mind.
When you are being weak,
the strength shall slips into you out of a sudden.
When you are being passive,
you're not showing any kind of love to anyone.
When you are crying,
the universe cries with you.
When you are at the lowest point of your life,
remember...good times are coming.

She Finally Realized

She was a silent one,
imperfect, yet fulfilled.
And there he was,
to be with her.
She was glad.
What else could she expect?

But one day she finally realized,
that he let her hands slipped away...
when they met another girl from the past,
being introduced to her as a 'friend'.

If so,
why did he let her hands go instantly?
Instead, why didn't he hold her tighter?
She couldn't understand...


Lessons Of Life And Love

Learn to listen,
by asking.
Learn to feel,
not always by seeing.
Learn to speak up,
without hurting.
Learn to love,
and be loved in return.

After all,
human beings are what we are.


Once In A While, Look Into My Eyes

You said,
things might not always work the way we want.
I believed, and still.
Then I wait,
and try to be someone you want.
This desperation I feel.

So once in a while,
look into my eyes.
Have you gone for miles,
before do me your despise?