Good Times With You

My good times with you,
do you remember?

Back then when the sky was clear,
and the best sight was the clouds.
Back then after a rainy day,
and how the wet grass smelt so fresh.

My good times with you,
I will always remember.

When the sky is clear,
now and then we'll enjoy the sight.
When the last rain drops,
now and then we'll enjoy the grass smells.


I'm scared about the future.
However, human can't predict their nature.
It has been written like a sculpture,
we're like ants on an adventure.

Follow the flow,
slide on the ride.
Life's like a pipe,
so long like a love song.

Sudden Anxiety

So this is the empty air,
an acute pain hidden beneath a stare.
Panic assaults,
too many faults.
Why do people swear?