When We Were There

It was breezy,
and you were beside me,
with nothing to say,
but still..we stayed.
Did you feel the same as i did?
Or was it just me?
I had no idea at all..

This Is Why We Never Made It

Should've been honest since the beginning,
but i made a mistake.
I didn't tell you that i hated what you were saying,
and i was so fake.
Now we're on our own..
..and i often regret my stupidity.

If only you realized,
that you are so special.
You are blessed,
but you wasted that something crucial.
Now we're on our own..
..and i often thank God for giving me this clarity.


The Night View

There were two of a kind,
with the dark sky and the tiny lights,
enjoying their own minds,
again..with a fabulous sight.

Another ignorance to the world,
but they didn't care..


She Was My Best

You've finally found him,
he might be the guy of your dream.
You can't let him go,
for everything he said..you couldn't say no.

Starting to disappear,
and i'm starting to think that these are unreal..
..but what else can i say?
You are now so far away..

Will i survive?
Start another new life?
Still can't get rid of you,
and all things we've been through.

You'll always be here,
deep inside my heart.
Nothing could ever replace
that beautiful smile on your face..

(thanks to Bimo for his contribution..)


When I'm Alone

As i stand here on my own,
my mind begins to recall myself.
That loneliness is a blessing,
that emptiness is comforting.
What i've been trying to understand
is just about myself.
So complex yet amusing,
and a perfect phrase of life-learning.
When i'm alone,
i'm loving myself..


Another Step To Boredom

This is what i do,
what i have chosen.
This is so not you,
what is never spoken.
I am fed of this,
a consequence to be done.
You are not pleased,
but for me this also gives no fun.

..and you're gone..


I took a wrong step,
and regret it.
You have left,
and i couldn't stop it.
You might say goodbye,
as easy as that.
But it hurts,
You would never know,
'cause i never let you to.
Let it be that way..
..i've had enough with those days.

The Sweetest Lullaby

We were happy,
had no thought that we're now lonely.
As u swept my hair gently,
we talked about romance and comedy.
That was lovely,
the world were you and me.
But love is never enough..

Now i'm alone,
face the life on my own,
and i don't want to moan..
Remember our conversations on the phone?
The last joke you had thrown..
..i always loved your tone.
But love is never enough..



I tried my best to impress.
Have i made a mistake?
I guess i've put myself in a speculation,
and this is what i hate..
..fake dreams.
Slap and make me awake.

I tried my best to be nice.
Have i made a mistake?
I guess i'm just naive,
and this is what i hate..
..fake affection.
Slap and make me awake.

I tried my best to be strong.
Have i made a mistake?
I guess i'm just simply helpless,
and this is what i hate..
..fake personality.
Slap and make me awake.


You Are Complicated

Though you are charming,
i still can't understand you.
I'm afraid you'd hurt my feeling,
'cause everyday you're always new.
Different and mysterious.

I often wonder,
what am i to you?
What is this that you offer?
Please don't turn me blue.
Not another pain from another person.

Things I Never Share

I don't share my tears,
though people do cry.
I don't share my fears,
though people do feel afraid.
I don't share my anxiety,
though people are being paranoid.
I don't share my insanity,
though people are all insane.

I don't have to share.
They would never understand.

Your Deep Eyes

Everytime i look into your eyes,
my mind gone blank..
I think i'm falling to you..slowly.
Do you?

When i look through your eyes,
my brain stunned..
I think i feel something in you.
Do you?

Don't Cry

If you think i'm worthy,
then struggle up your life for me.
Don't act childishly,
or leave everything you've ever wanted to be.
It would be foolish..


Another Smile After..

I was broken,
had no willing to do anything.
The words remain unspoken,
tried to bury this painful feeling.
And cried..
But then you came,
along with your shady life.
Maybe i turned lame,
but you made me smile.

This Is The Way I Live

I used to question myself,
i had no reason to struggle.
I've had enough.

The one i'm struggling for is me,
just for another naive expectation.
But i believe it is meant to be.

Got myself scared and blue,
losing conciousness and paralyzed.
I wish it hadn't been true.

To stand in pride,
ease my fear and doubtness.
But i don't have the other side..

Why Can't I Wipe You Out?

You're there always,
just as perfect as you ever be.
The thought of you stays,
can't wipe it out of me.
The way you made me smile,
can't ease it off.
I wish we had lasted just a while,
but we lasted long enough.
My tears drop in a sudden,
when you pass over my head.
You're not yet forgotten,
but i've hurt you so bad.
Was it a mistake?
If it is, still i don't wanna regret..

The Day After

Woke up with a blank mind,
felt nothing inside.
It wasn't you i wanted to find,
and realized that reality bites,
It was a day after..
..the day i lost you.


Untitled Madness

Why am i feeling this?
Warm and comforting.
I'm enjoying this peace,
such thing i've been expecting.

And stil..a perfect world,
the same imagination.

I'm feeling no affection.
A consequence to my pain.
I'm hiding my confusion,
to ease rather than sustain..

And still..a crazy world,
the perfect illusion.

All You Have To Do..

..is cry on my shoulder,
when you feel like you're so low.

..is laugh along with me,
if that can make you feel better.

..is share your highest dream,
so i can see the stars in your eyes.

..is nothing at all,
just stay the way you are.

And We'll Be Just Fine

I'll continue my life on my own,
and so do you.
I'll be alone,
but i won't get blue.
This is what we've agreed with..

You'll find your perfect one,
and so will i.
There'll be more fun.
More than we've ever passed by.
There's no reason to be sorry..

..and we'll be just fine.


Male Complexity

Can't stop smiling,
can't stop crying.

The source of my happiness,
the core of my sadness.

Open the gate and make me glad,
don't leave me and make me sad.