An Empty Me

I'm not fine,
nobody could feel the pain.
My anxiety drives me crazy,
oh..turns me vain.

It was only a kiss,
nothing's special with me being affectionate.
My curiousity puts hate in me,
oh..i'm just a stranger.

Not your perfect alibi,
and i'm a fool lost in desperation.
My jealousy is killing me slowly,
oh..i want it all.

A Perfect Life

Honesty and loyalty,
done by nobody.
Simply betrayal,
a united denials.
No glory and no fame,
the only thing left is shame.
Stand by the truth,
as the tree of knowledge has given its fruit.
Nothing's similar and nothing's right,
for chaos is the only sight.
They're gone and not coming back,
as the world turns black.


I Loath Nobody

Daddy and mommy are far,
they expect me to be their bright star.
I've learnt about guilt and pity,
they raised me but then said i'm silly.

Friends come and go,
bestfriends can't always be there when i need a hold.
I've learnt about companionship and support,
what we need is more effort.

My beloved one sometimes seems so far away,
i'm lost in my own perception and turn grey.
I've learnt about trust and loyalty,
if only i could see that he really wants me.

I don't loath anybody..


Pain Doesn't Hurt Anymore

Days come and pass,
as their memories rest.
The wound has stopped bleeding,
as the world has stopped killing.
Sunshine comes for the innocents,
not for me and my evidence.
The raindrops blend my tears,
and pain doesn't hurt anymore after years.


Now You Know, Dear..

I wish you knew that..
sometimes i cry 'til i fall asleep,
and i don't know what else to do.

I wish you knew that..
you are so perfect that i'm scared i'm not good enough,
'cause words are never enough to show how much i love you.

I wish you knew that..
you are my strength and also my weakness,
and when i'm with you i lose my words.

I wish you knew that..
i need you but i have no guts to expect anything,
'cause expectations are only dreams.

I wish you knew that..
you're my shining star and my morning glory,
and there are thousands feelings remain unspoken.

I wish you knew that..
i often feel so alone and empty,
'cause i just don't know how to share my pain.

I wish you knew that..
the only thing that makes me glad is your joy,
and to be loved by you would be worth it.

I wish you knew that..
sometimes i hope you're the last one in my life,
'cause with you i feel so complete.

Only You

The sun rises,
the warmth diffuses.
A time i'd gladly spend with you,
a moment i'd never undo.
The path shows up,
the neverending way to reach the top.
A condition i'd gladly through with you,
a requirement i'd never redo.
The sound comforts my soul,
the perfect match to an empty hole.
A song i'd gladly sing for you,
a lovely thing to do.
The stars are bright,
the sign of a feeling that is perfectly right.
A lifetime i'd gladly share with you,
a dream that feels so true.

Freak In Reverse

I'm loving his life,
i'm living my love.
I'm crying for everything,
i'm laughing for nothing.
The world is simply sane,
and myself is insane.
They exiled me for what i hate,
they embraced me for what i love.
The riddle is solvable,
and the words are written.