Stay Beside Me

Come home,
and leave me no more again.

Be by my side.

I need your embrace right now.


You're Invited

Let's fall in love.

you and me.
Together we shall be free.

Let's find a huge shady tree as our private destination.

I know it might last only for a while,
but you and me.
Together we shall be free.

Let's hold hands.

How I love the presence of those warm fingers,
yours and mine.
Together we shall be free.

Let me kiss your cheeks,
and I'll let you kiss my forehead.
For love is not always about lust...


What Now?

Shouldn't have questioned,
for an action worths more that a thousand pictures.
Imagine how it feels when it happens to you...

Now I'm just standing here,
questioning my own limit.
Imagine that the edge is coming closer...

I just wish you could understand how I feel.
You may question me,
but I have no answers.

You turn my world upside down,
You think you know me inside out,

I might get hurt,
but everybody heals.
You. Me.
Even if it takes a half of my life.


I Scratched My Forehead When I Just Woke Up


I'm not even sleepy.
like I've been sleeping for 8 hours.

It's the unconsciousness that brought my finger up,
and scratched.

Didn't bleed.

...what's wrong with my fingers?

I'm Watching You

It's like keeping my mouth shut,
while riding a roller coaster.
Yes, I feel the chill...
...I always hate roller coaster.
So there's no fun in riding it.

It's like jumping to a deep pool,
yet I can't even swim.
Yes, I feel the fear...
...of being unable to breathe and get choked.
So there's no excitement.

I'm watching you,
and that's what I feel.

I wanna hold you,
but do you wanna be held?


Do I Look Like I Care Enough Any Longer?

Fencing and bouncing.
Yay! Yay! Yay!
I sense snowflakes.
But I don't sense you anywhere around...

...and I don't sense your efforts as well.


This Is What I Want To Shout

You never know what I keep inside myself,
seal it tight.


This is what I have been keeping inside,
that you don't even care.


Happy now?


You selfish.


Be Eased, Dear Soul...

To think of things that I don't know,
cuts deep and makes me bleed.
To question with no answer,
brings sorrow of my own.
To fear what shouldn't be feared,
ends up as an acute anxiety.

I'm letting go.


I Scratched My Chin When I Was Too Sleepy

Felt like burnt at first,
thought it was okay, though...

Then it bled.
I felt nothing.

I was too sleepy.



You Haven't Seen The Endurance Within Me To Bear The Feeling

I used to weep my last tears to sleep.
Did you know?
You did.

I used to over-think of you.
That, you didn't know.
I'm over it.

The endurance to bear the feeling has long been hiding,
and it's back now.
Ah..I'm so glad.

Now you will know more,
or perhaps...you won't even know.
We'll see.


Staring At My Own Reflection On The Water

This is why I love dawn the most,
for the unbreakable silence.

When I make my steps in the dark,
with a glimpse of light from the stars above...
I enjoy myself.

I used to put my hope on you,
but not anymore.
For I shall never rely anything on human being,
and shall not burden you with my thoughts and feelings.

So there I go again,
relying on Him only.
To guide my steps in the dark,
leads me to a never ending happiness.

The water in the pond I found,
reflects my own portraiture...



Conveying the feelings,
as one had written to me earlier.
Thank you, whoever you are.
I'm conveying my feelings towards anything,
and it feels good as if removing the sore...
clear it up from my throat.

Happy New Year, though!

I'm renewed.

Tears and fears won't disappear, I know.
Yet joy and hope will still be my companions.