Would You?

There is no such thing called tolerance,
and love is a fake wall.
Do we have one more chance?

I am scared,
don't let me fall.
I am so scared.

Help me,
by sacrificing yourself for once.
I can't breathe.

A little thing called ego.


I Am The Shit Of The Day

It feels like I want to die,
and let my soul fly high.
Faith told me not to do so,
but then I have nowhere to go..
So I cry.

Mother and father, forgive me.
In my whole life, I wish I could be free.
Tears have dropped,
and the sadness has been cropped.
There's only I, there has never been we.


My Soul Is Nothing But A Giant Ash

My baby is there.
Unreachable and it's unfair.
His life will be just fine.
He shall have anything but being mine.
Anything..just to make my baby happy.

I've cried enough..
..that tears can solve nothing any longer.


I Am Half Empty

What is empty?
When everything is nothing.
What is full?
When nothing becomes everything.

Nothing is everything.
So fuck it.



Sky is nothing but endless dream.
Don't dream of what's already gone.
Not the same state of mind.
Reasons to distract an absolute jealousy.
I envy you.