I've Said It..

Back then on the line,
i said it.
I wish i hadn't said it,
but i did.
I broke your heart.

back then when you were mine,
i loved you.
I'm sorry but i had to,
and so i turned you blue.
Now i've lost the best thing in my life.

I Thought..

Could we last?
I thought so,
but we couldn't.
Am i in love with you?
I thought so,
but i must wipe you out.
Could i stop loving you?
I thought no,
but it's a must.
Are you the one?
I thought no,
you're just an almost perfect son.


I Wish I Could Love You More

I've had my greatest moment with you.
I wish i could love you more,
but this wish would never come true.

You're everything i need.
I wish i could love you more,
but they swore they'd make you bleed.

I'm dying and still..hoping.
I wish i could love you more,
but sooner or later i must let you go.


An Outrageous Mind

Fake and scared,
have no guts to share.
This mask is what i always wear.
The pain is too heavy to bare.
I'm scared..

Judge me not,
it won't be your shot.
Your own fault.
The tension is in my blood.
I don't care if you hate me or not..

These Sentimental Reasons

There's nothing special about us.
But there's something special about you.
The way you make me smile and blush,
and the way you keep this feeling true.
For now and the coming seasons,
i'll love you for these sentimental reasons.


I'm bleeding.
I'm smiling.
What is this feeling?
What am i doing?
This is comforting..
I'm lonely and dying.
They couldn't even sell me for a shilling.
Quit sobbing!
No, i'm just muttering..
..what am i fearing?

Pull Me And Make Me Stand

The hard ground,
i'm alone and i hear sounds.
You won't believe in what i've found..
..come and look down!

The cold surface,
this is the greatest place.
Seems like such a waste..
..but for real it's a better taste.

Pull me and make me stand..

A Crying Porcelaine Doll

It sobs.
A painful feeling that it drops.
It doesn't do any harm..
..instead it keeps hearts remain warm.
Such a fragile creature.
No other special feature.

Your Presence

You lightened up my soul..
..and simply irresistable.
I thought you love my whole..
..but you were unpredictable.

I need your presence.
I'm moaning all alone..

My heart cries..
..and you're everywhere i go.
There it lies..
..you might not wanna know.

I miss your presence.
Again, i'm on my own..

Death Before Me

Once i had that wish,
but i'm just simply childish.
The warning has been given..
..an accident happened.
Not for me..
no death this time.

As then i realized,
it was a gift i've never recognized.
I should've been grateful..
..instead of being wishful.
I'm still okay..
my life is fine.


Life Recently

It was tough,
but then i pushed myself to laugh.
I lost my half..
..and that was enough.
No point of return.

Still, i can't understand.
This is not what i've planned.
And so..i'm back in search for a perfect man.
I believe i can.
I'm looking for a better future.

Hey Awesome!

Found you and your friends..
..what a noisy crowd.
You guys were giggling out loud.

Found me thinking that you were awesome..
..what a shame.
I was becoming one of the lames.

Found another awesome creature..
..i abandoned you over.
You weren't that super.

How Could I..

This is such an unceratinty..
..fool of me to forget that you're the best.
I'd be accused by my honesty..
..i couldn't separate love and lust.
Our ship is sinking.
Forgive me but please don't forget.
How could i ease such a pure feeling?

My First

He's always in my mind.
I can't get over him.
I'm just broken down.
He's not the only..

I've never felt like this before..
but he has gone.

Not Anymore

He was my universe,
well..he's still my half universe.
But i chose to reverse the other half..
..and gave it to another him.

I took the risk,
i splitted my soul.
Maybe i was wrong..
..but life goes on.

It was bad.
I got hurt.
But everyone's happy.
And i had fun..

Being Normal Out Of An Outrageous Personality

There's no guts in me to love anyone.
But the feeling remains strong,
If i could stop myself from loving him..
..i would.
Time shall heal my wound.

And as time goes by..
i'l simply be okay.
There'll be no tears.
No more unanswered calls.
I believe..
..i shall change.

Future Husband

He's gotta be good.
He's gotta be smart.
He's gotta be funny.
He's gotta be mature.
He's gotta be loyal.
He's gotta be loving.
He's gotta be responsible.
He's gotta be hard-working.
He's gotta be well-shaped.

Actually..he's gotta be you.

The Best Part Of Life Is When You Don't live It

Some said life is beautiful.
Indeed..it is.
Yet, there are troubles you can't avoid.
There will be good times and bad times.
All around never stop.
In life..some said that everyone's special,
which means..nobody is.
But you'll believe that you're special.
You'll think you're something else.
You're just blessed..
And at a certain point you'll finally realize,
the best part of life is when you don't live it..
..when you're in heaven for eternity.

Me, Myself, Nowhere..

I've reached my limit.
I wish i hadn't had to deal with these shits.
I used to love my life..
..but i am used to hating it now.
I'm in a desperation.
Alone, on my own.
Be whatever it shall be..

I've had enough.
I'm not that tough.
I used to be a cheerful person..
..but i am used to being an apriory now.
I'm not hoping for anything.
I've lost my everything.
Sometimes life sucks..

The Insanity Beneath

Have you ever done something you hate,
and then love it?
Have you ever done something you love,
and then hate it?

Have you ever felt love,
which then turned to hate?
Have you ever felt hate,
which then turned to love?

I loved him once,
but he did me harm.
I hate him now,
but still wishing he had been mine.

I've Given..and..

I've given you my attention..
..and you made promises.
I've given you a bit of my thought..
..and you started to sneak into my heart.
I've given you my love..
..and you left me all alone.
I've given..
..and be left forgotten.

Are You Just Playing With Me?

I'm in a great suffer.
I love you even greater..
..but now you seem so far away.
Is this a kind of your play?

You gave me warmth.
You give me your harm.
Maybe you're just a fantasy..
..maybe you're too high for me in reality.

My dear, have i done you wrong?
Tell me 'cause i'm not that strong..
..not strong enough to lose you.
Call me crazy but this love is too true.

Are you just playing with me?

How About Me Being Too Paranoid?

Would you stay by my side?
Do i have to beg?
I'm so fragile.
I have no surprises to expect.
Please stay beside me..
Love me for being nobody.

Compared to you, i have nothing.
You're just too amazing and i'm just a dust.
I might be nothing but you're my everything.
For sure i'd say this is no longer a crush.
I'm scared of losing you..
Tell me that your love is true.

How can i live without you?
Too far beyond my mind.
How can i erase this useless anxiety?
I have no sign.
How about me being too paranoid?
I'm not fine..


I just want to hear your voice,
or shall i add..desperately?
I'm waiting for the noise,
i must say..i'm lonely.
No one answers.
I surrender.
Maybe next time..

Alone As Always

I miss you.
You've got my clue.
I guess you knew..
I love you.
I always do.
It's so true..

I miss you everyday.
That's a fact i don't have to say.
And each day i pray..
..for you to stay.
Stay in my heart in every way.
Just stay and i'll love you always.

Aw..i'm so mellow.
You'd think i'm shallow.
I don't know.
I won't go,
though if you might say no.
I just simply love you so..

When You Were Sleeping

You were burdenless,
pure and innocent.
You were so calm,
sweet and adorable.
You were too young..

When i said that i didn't really like you,
i lied.
I just didn't know how to handle you.
As you slept peacefully..
..my heart melted.

You're So High

I don't need your honesty,
'cause my mind has gone too far.
I'm just too blind to see..
..you're almost perfect.
It scares me.

I can't trust my senses,
'cause what they want is always you.
I'm seeing many faces..
..but in my heart there's only you.
I wish we were meant to be.

I won't go,
'cause you're the one i want to be with.
Can't tell you what my heart wants to show..
..i love you more than it seems.
I'm afraid both of us will get hurt.

I'm just an ordinary girl,
i might not be able to make you glad all the time.
I'm just a naive girl..
..you don't know me that much..yet.
I hope i'm good enough for you.

Rain's Falling

You're in my mind,
my gosh..you're so fine.
Captured your picture,
and healed my heart's fracture.
Your pure of heart,
undone myself from tearing apart.
Colour my world,
bring joy through your words.
I see no sun,
but still feel fun..
The sounds you made,
have never faded.
Rain's falling outside,
as the tears i can't wipe.
Such a perfect feeling,
at an imperfect timing..
I can't solve this maze by my own,
though..i never let this confuseness shown.
If you could tell me why,
would you please smile?
Anything but you is empty,
life without you is a dishonesty.
And a glimpse of you,
turns me blue..


all three.
you and him.
won't ever be a team.
trying to live happily.

Should it be that complex?

Mouth And Heart

"Don't worry, i'm okay."
"I'm broken iside and nobody should understand."
"I'm such a jerk."
"Please forgive me for what i've done.."
"I'm so sorry.."
"I don't mind if you don't forgive me..i don't need you anyway."
"Be honest to me.."
"Just tell me a lie 'cause your honesty will hurt me so bad."
"You are brilliant!"
"I envy you."
"Everything's gonna be just fine.."
"I don't know what to say to help you through this.."
"I'm not jealous."
"Show me your expression of disapointment!"
"Leave me alone!"
"I want you to pity me.."
"Thanks for your help."
"Err..okay, you're better than me."
"I swear.."
"Trust me!!!"
"Keep this as our little secret."
"Can i trust you?"
"Would you mind if i..?"
"I want you to do what i want."
"This is not the perfect time."
"I'm not gonna talk about it."
"Hope i can meet you again.."
"Err..if my memory is still good enough to remember your name.."
"I hate spiders."
"..and i hope you'll hate them too."
"I love you.."
"I've said the magic words and i hope you're glad 'cause i can't say it in a more romantic way..it took nerves, you know!"

Can't Promise Anymore

I can't cry,
we can't deny the truth.
I shouldn't have tried,
'cause now you've been hurt.
Please say goodbye,
if only you could..
Pass me by,
and forget me 'cause you should..


They said love was blind,
and i said they had lost their minds.
I was wrong,
i'm not that strong.
Where's my heart?
I don't know.

I wish i could have been faithful,
but my heart said it was better to play cool.
Now i've realized,
and it's just too late for an apologize.
I'm falling apart.
I don't wanna know.

Maybe i've hurt you badly,
and our story shall end sadly.
Forgive my sins if you can,
or just hate me if you want.
It'll sure be hard,
i know..

Something Named Life

Life goes on with no turning back.
Life goes on and we have to move forward.
Life goes on whether we like it or not.
Life goes on because it is meant to be done.
In life, we have to choose.
In life, we are individuals.
In life, everything is basicly equal.
In life, nothing is right or wrong.

A Dissapointment

She's on her own,
with no shoulders to cry on.
She's hiding her pain,
acting plain..
She's killing herself slowly,
her feeling has been injured badly.
She wishes she could share,
but nobody cares..
She had enough rejections,
and she burried her passions.
If only she could,
she would..

I'm Just Me

What do they expect from me?
Only human and simply ordinary.
I'm just flesh and bones,
in need to be left alone.
If i put a fake smile,
that's because i'm just too fragile..
I'll probably hide,
from several feelings i can't fight.
I don't care if they said i'm such a waste,
'cause the world is not a perfect place.

Know Me Better

Don't love me from the way i look,
'cause i won't stay the same..
Don't love me if you think i'm good,
'cause i'm just too lame..
Don't love me if you haven't seen my worst,
'cause then you'll be disappointed..
Don't love me if you think i'm strong,
'cause i can be easily destroyed..

Love me for my weakness,
and the truth that i'm only human.
Love me because i'm imperfect,
and accept me the way i am.

I'd Like To Tell You Something

I'm no longer in a crush..
..it's more than true.
Thoughts about you are dificult to flush..
..and i've stopped trying instead of getting blue.

Oh, wishes..
..please be real.
I would shower you with kisses..
..if that could make you see how i feel.

I'd like to tell you something..
..i'm in love with you.

Connected Souls

We're in love,
You're almost perfect,
for me..
Those were just coincidences,
i wish..
Losing you,
is the biggest fear..
I wish we could be together,
is that too much?

Tears From A Sinner

Give me no forgiveness,
i've hurt so many hearts.
For every sadness,
and all broken parts.

Grounded by my guilt,
i'm no longer myself.
I know i'm weird,
but they don't look at themselves.

I wanna be something,
instead of being a sinner.
The heart has stopped bleeding,
but still, i'm not a winner..

A Deep Scar

At night i often cry,
i ask myself why..
I'm waiting for my time to pass by.
I'm watching the world dies.
If only i could fly,
but i can't even try..


The girl was looking at me,
she seemed happy..
..wasn't she?
We didn't talk about anything,
but her eyes said something..
.."I'm nothing."
She was fine,
she was supposed to shine..
..her life was mine.

Through A Past

You've gone,
out of my heart..
Left me broken,
alone in the dark.
I thought we would last,
but we didn't.
Now you're just a past,
i've had enough reasons.

Only Human

The sorrow gives us pain,
and pain causes tears.
Sometimes we pretend to be plain,
though we're facing our fears.
We're just human beings..

We're changing,
and that's unavoidable.
We always find ourselves crying,
to finally realize that we're so incapable.
We're just human beings..

..human beings are never perfect.


I spoke,
but my words were messy.
I smiled,
but my mind went somewhere else.
I laughed,
but my soul cried inside.

I missed him..so much.

Another Him

I found myself stuck..
..on another him.
Is this a kind of luck,
or will i be a victim?
I don't wanna know..

He made me blush,
he made me smile.
I'm having a crush,
i hope it lasts longer than a while.
I'm afraid to hope..

My Precious One

I wanna be with you,
do you feel the same thing too?
Please say you do..

You're always in my head,
should i be glad or sad?
I miss you so bad..

Questions are bugging me,
are we meant to be?
I don't wanna be sorry..

The Quest Isn't Over Yet

an absolute ridicule.
an unfinished experience.
a normal but also the selfish one.
yet..one of the best things in life.
whose it's gonna be?

Bitter Sweetness

Loving my fears,
caused myself tears.
Not only mine,
but also his.
A bitter reality,
to a new sweet cruelty.
I feel just fine,
i'm enjoying this..

Losing You

I miss your everything.
I miss the way you look into my eyes.
I miss the way you say, "I love you."
I miss the way you kiss me.
I miss the way you smile after kissing me.
I miss the way you hold my hands.
I miss the whole you..

I'll Love You

I'm always by your side,
even at the darkest night.
The flight shall end,
but not my love for you..now and then.
Hate me not when i've gone away,
and when i have nothing to say.

I wish i didn't have to hide,
i wish i could be your bride.
We've been friends,
but i found love at your glance.
I'll be gone someday,
but my love for you will forever stay..

My Fault, I Guess..

Calls have been left unanswered.
Messages have been left unread.
I'm abandoned,
my soul has been left unfed.

My fault, i guess..
My fault, i guess..

Be loved no longer.
Tears all the time.
In search for your hunger,
i'm not good enough to be your rhyme.

My fault, i guess..
My fault, i guess..


I can't be me,
i don't even know what i wannabe.
I have no guts,
i'm just a slut.
I cried for what i've gained,
'cause i'm nothing more than just a stain.
They've made me handicapped,
in my own world i've been trapped.
I need some air.
Wanna meet my pair..

Love You..Love You..

Love you..love you..
though maybe i'll never get through.
Love me..love me..
though maybe that's not what you wannabe.

You're simply complex,
i wish i could understand.
Should i be sorry?


Proud To Be Me

I'm not perfect,
i think they already know.
Some gave me no respect,
so i let them go..
For me, it is better
to be alone and leave the crowd.
Love myself in any weather,
and not listening to their shouts..

The Phoning Scene

Just wanted to hear your voice,
and tell you that i miss you.
But i only heard monotone noises,
and i was unable to reach you.

Maybe you were busy,
or still got dizzy.
And i still have other days.
Love you anyway...

Still A Nobody After All..

Have i been so blind?
I don't know.
They said i'm no longer one of my kind,
i don't wanna know.
What am i?

My parents taught me about patience,
but i only know rage.
So what is the usage of silence,
if i can't fix my torn-page?
Who am i?

I am nothing,
that's why the world underestimated me.
And even if i were something,
i would still be nobody.
That's it.

Are You The One?

This smile,
this one is for you.

These tears,
all just for you.

Would you love me 'til the day i die?
Or wouldn't you?

Could you be there to ease my fears?
Or couldn't you?


This nightmare bothers my sleep,
shallow but deep.
The path is steep,
and i see myself weep..

I Used To Adore Him..

Charming guy,
don't act like you're shy.
Fool me to love you when you started to cry.
You're a big lie.

I used to adore your presence.
I thought you had a real innocence.
But i hate you for your ignorance,
what you have is only a real arrogance.

You're so lame.

My Precious Guy

For the man you have been,
for the best things in you i have seen,
you're more than ordinary.
And i love you deeply..

When I Need You..

..please be there.
..can you hear me?
..just hold me so that it'd be fair.
..would you embrace me?
..don't walk away.
..what should i do?
..i don't know what to say.
..can i just kiss you?

I'm in love with you.

Gimme Privacy

Wherever i go,
they will follow.
Whatever i do,
they already knew.

I need a privacy,

Seniors Suck!

Oh my..
give me a break!
This is sick!
Am i just a victim of your tricks?

Hell no!

An Immediate Self-Adjustment

While i was sitting,
i began to observe.
What were they doing?
I couldn't absorb any single thing.
Oh my..oh my..

While they were talking,
i began to realize.
They were so full of maturity,
i've got no quality!
Oh dear..oh dear..

I have to adjust myself.

For My Only

i missed you.
How much?
Don't ask.

As today,
i miss you.
How much?
Even bigger!

i'm still gonna miss you.
How much?
As much as you've ever known.

So don't you worry,
cause you're my only.

Unnecessary Thought

Look at me!
I was about to be free,
stood on my knees,
under the shady tree.
i drowned in this fantasy.
So unnecessary.
I should've never been picky.
Now look at me!


I thought i had died.
It was the end of our fight.
It was my fault, right?

I was wrong.
I grew strong.
The past is my song.

No more tears.
No more fears.

I'm Not Perfect

I'm not perfect.
I've told you that.
I'm not that phat.
I just hope you can deal the fact.
I hope you love me the way i am.

I'm not perfect.
But i'll try to be one.
I'll try to give you what you want.
This is not just having fun.
I hope you love me the way i am.

I'm not perfect.
But i love you.
I really do.
i hope you love me the way i am.


Starry starry night,
hear me for what iv'e cried.
He's way out of sight,
but i wish he would hold me tight.
Oh, how reality bites..!

This Feeling..

You're not far,
neither near.

But i miss you still..

You're Special

No matter who you are,
you are my star.
Cause you're special.
Nothing else is more crucial.
I hope you feel the same.

No matter what you do,
i always fall into you.
Cause you're special.
Nothing else is more crucial.
I hope you feel it too.

You made me feel special,
that's why i love you.

I'm On My Own

I might be ignored,
and i might do nothing.
Nobody knows..

I might be left,
and i might stand on my own.
Nobody cares..

I might feel sad,
and i might cry for myself.
Nobody realizes..

So what?!

Handsome Heartbreaker

Hey dude!
Where are you going?
I'm on the mood,
so keep on playing.
This won't last though..

Hey you!
I'm not going.
There'll be no blue,
cause we were just gaming.
We'll meet again someday..

I'll miss your smile,
like u'll miss mine..

For What I've Earned..

i look around.
Just to deny what i've found.
I should've been grateful.

i feel this jealousy.
Just because i don't feel free.
I should've been thankful.

i don't feel normal.
I hate being too formal.
I should've been happy.

You're My Centre

Long i've tried,
to wipe you out.
Long i've cried,
and shut my shout.

I'm the ache,
not you.
I'm fake,
never get through.

Where's my centre?
I don't know.
Who's your centre?
Never been me.

An Affair

My heart.
The whole just for you.

Your cruelty.
The whole that i gained.

Her whoreness.
The whole you were crazy for.

Regret it not.
For your betrayal.
I shall have my revenge.

Loving A Guy

That moment,
when they had gone,
no more comments.
We were totally alone.
I was so happy..
..to have you.
I was too skanky..
..as i tried to impress you.

I suddenly recognized,
you're a guy instead of boy.
I gasped and realized,
what if were his another toy?
The first phrase was..
The next phrase was..
the thought about if it was another trial.

These things i never thought..
..made me feel so naive.
Not knowing what i should fought,
i stayed passive.
To lost my trust,
and end the light.
To keep my lust,
and hold the sight.

Know This Please..

I just want you to know that..

..you are the sun of my universe.
..you are the main essence of my happiness.
..you are the air that my heart breathes.

..and you are the one i will always miss.


i just wanna tell you this,
you're the only one i'm gonna miss.
Though you're so far away,
a bit of you will stay.

You always told me to love what i've earned,
and from you i have learned.
Now i don't know what to do,
i just wanna be with you.

Only God can explain,
why should we suffer this pain.
I wish i could turn back time..

I just love you too damn much.

Love, Lust, Infatuation

Will somebody tell me,
what is this feeling?
So true that i can see it clearly.
So real that i can sense myself falling.
Love, lust, or just infatuation..

I won't be able to hold him close.
I've already chosen another person.
But..what will i lose?
This is not a reason.
Love, lust, or just infatuation..

Though he's so far away,
i can feel his warmth.
What would he probably say,
if i said that i wannabe in his arms?
Love, lust, or just infatuation..


Spoken In Silence

Look into her eyes,
then you'll finally see.

Be there when she cries,
she's just trying to say..

The words she'll never say.
The price you'll never pay.
As you told her to follow the endless way.

I Just Want To Be Me

I'm so sick of this.
They said i should go here, go there.
Oh, please...

I'm so sick with what they called 'personality'.
Maybe..that's because i haven't got one.
I'm just a copy...

I'm so sick when i have to face the crowd.
Pretend to be happy,
when i'm not...

The Saddest Moment

Remember the last lullaby,
when you said goodbye.
I was there,
in the middle of nowhere.
I know it was hard,
but you tried.

I saw your tears as you smiled.
Remember me,
and the way we used to be.
All the things we've done,
now it's all gone.
I'll bury the memory,
and hope that she'll make you happy.

God's Gifts

For the life,
shelter and protection,
God gave me..

For the feeling,
tears and laughters,
God gave me..

For the love,
warmth and affection,
God gave me..

My Search

I search for joy,
but i never meant to annoy.
I never think of you as a toy.

All i want is just some pure affection,
not some pure passion.
Fucking seduction!

I'm drowning,
as i see you leaving.
I'm no longer breathing..

Please Stay

My surrounding is cold,
i see millions people and i'm getting bored.
I've got no one to hold,
i'm just a speckle on an empty road.

Hold me all the way,
and i'll be okay.
So won't you stay,
just for one day?


What is my expectation?
Still I own my passion?
I'm hiding in my confusion,
but my fears are still shown..
Hiding, but visible.
Running fast, but reachable.
Strong, but fragile.
I need my world, my time, just me.

A Decade

Does a decade really matter?
When i'm just 17,
and you're..27.

I hope it doesn't.
Coz what i feel is true,
it's all about you..

But sometimes it does matter.
When you treat me gently,
at the moment when i'm just thinking about me.

So please give me an answer.
Does a decade really matter,
when i feel like i love you the most?

Dear Ex

I cried to my bed,
i cried in my dreams.
I cried for you..

I wish someone would understand,
i'm so fucked up!

I miss you now, ex.
I'll probably hate you badly tomorrow.
But i don't care..

Stay, remain in silence.
Stay close to me.

When the storn comes,
i won't be needing your arms.
Cause you are that storm..

Stop torchering me with those memories about you.

I miss you,
i hate you,
i love you.