My Reason To Be Alone

I want to.
They didn't listen,
nor noticed what i had been through.
I felt like a silly person.
Clapping one side of the hand.
Nobody answered,
and i couldn't understand.
Being alone is much easier.
Even mates can't bring me joy.
Am i being selfish?
I don't even know what the fuck it is.

You're Holding Me

You're comforting.
Everything i ever wanted.
So special and true.
The love given to me is everlasting.


Feeling Not So Concious

My weightless surface.
Feeling not so concious,
am i in trance?
Everything shines miraculously,
i'm hallucinating.
The charming one is not around.

My pointless jumbled mazes.
Feeling not so concious,
what am i staring in a glance?
The echoes are there and here,
i'm hearing things.
The madness is on the ground.

The Quest Is Over

an absolute ridicule.
an unfinished experience.
a normal but also the selfish one.
yet..one of the best things in life.
the end of the quest..is him.

So Long, Dear Public Enemy..

Oh, my! Oh, why?
Through the eyes, i shall cry.
You lied! Just die!
Why shy? He and i.
The one public enemy,
and pain is the remedy.
The one self insanity,
and vain is the reality.
Be frightened,
your path has been darkened.
The faith to be slaughtered,
your soul has been weakened.
The strangest,
live the greatest.
The fakest,
live the worst.


In Silence

My heart is a thin glass.
Fragile with wonderful spectrums..
I'm comforting.
There are tears behind a smile..
Adore me silently.
What is seen is better than the truth..
I own nothing.
Building the expected life..
There's a little girl in me.
Dreams, trust and innocence..
I'm waiting is silence.
To be loved is a grace..

Your World Without Me

I miss you, dear.
Always and iresistable.
Your warmth is what i need,
stable and everlasting like a river.
Your charm is so sweet,
it feels like forever..
A part of me is missing,
somewhere i wish i knew.
Someday i'll stop breathing,
you'll see me through.
Keep a glimpse of me..
Life is an empty mortality..


Can't Change What Has Been There Before

You are what you are,
nothing can change it..
..not even me nor yourself.

My senses were begging for you,
not anymore now.
You're basicly who you are,
no matter what you've said to me.
You can't run away, you shouldn't.

Here comes the silence,
the empty air between you and i..
..a moment of denying the truth.

The comforting you comes and goes,
too unpredictable.
If it's love that you feel,
then convince me, please.
I adore you for what you are.


It's an abso-bloody-lutely terrible day,
i got easily pissed-off by everything that everyone says.
The sky's blue and i don't give a fuck.
My senses make me feel that everything sucks.
My heart beats even faster that i think i should pull myself in,
remain on my own keeping the emotional waves within.
I don't wanna hurt my beloved one.
I'd rather hurt myself with no stunts..


But I..

I shouldn't have loved you with all my heart.
Now that i can't seem to keep up with you,
you're beautiful and always perfect for me.
I really shouldn't..

I shouldn't have let this feeling take over me.
Now that i feel this jealousy inside,
you always convince and calm me down.
I really shouldn't..

I should have been grateful with all i've got.
I love you through the foggy atmosphere in you,
that brings happiness and pain at the same time.
I really should..

I should have kept my heart far away from you.
Now that your presence has coloured my world,
i just don't want to be weakened by your love.
I really should..