The Voice Of Universe

Hearing those steps in my mind,
makes me feel alone.
Comforting in my own universe.
I am the center.

Hearing my soul calling out for something unknown.
I feel individual,
yet unexiled.
I am trying to master my mind.

Myself whispers,
only wind can hear.

I love you,
I heard.

Lost Among The Hearts

Stop telling me what to say.
Let me examine your soul, honey.
Stop breaking my heart and stay.
Let us be united, baby.

I am lost among the hearts,
but I know I'm looking for yours.

Starring at the garden of love in front of my eyes...
...my tears flow down like a river.


There's No Sun Behind The Clouds

I can't understand myself,
and you.
Us. I can't understand.
Not this night.

You're tired of me,
and sick.
Sick of me. But you still try.

I see no sun behind the clouds.
My clouds.
Dark and cold.
Your clouds.

I wish the sun was here.
I wanna weep.