Things I Can No Longer Share With You

I'm moving out within these couple or three years.
Could even be within this year.
I might be back,
or I might not.
I have no idea.

What makes me sad the most,
is that I can no longer share this with you.


Visions And Dreams

I've never had visions,
but dreams...yes.
Loads of dreams.

And I started to dream of you again,
after long teary days.

Should I be crying for you still,
yet I no longer do.
Instead, you stepped up towards me in dreams.

Unsure of what kind of sign are these,
I dwell in my own assumptions.

Are you okay or are you not?
Are you calling out for me deep down inside?
Or is it just me?

I've never had visions,
but dreams...yes.
Dreams of you.


Counting The Fallen Droplets

I had a handful of droplets back then,
and he told me to throw away the droplets one by one each day.
No matter what, I did.

When he made me smile,
I dropped the droplets.
One by one.

When he made me cry,
I dropped the droplets.
One by one.

I had to let my hands open,
for there were too many.
Now there's only a few left.
I'm still throwing them away.

And when the droplets are gone,
I think there goes my affection too.



In the end,
what I did wasn't so bad.
The grin still clings on my face.
No, they didn't see.

It's not like getting all of my wishes granted,
yet most of them are granted in miraculous ways.

So, yes...
...I guess this clinging grin has made my day,
and the long sleeping hours.


The Days Of Your Absence

Are you there?

Funny how your presence resembles the air that I breathe,
the agony in every little thing I live with.
With the ability of visualizing none,
I sense you all around me.

Are you there?

Funny how I seem to be so pathetic,
the agony in every hope I still pray for.
And curled up alone,
with the river of tears.

These are the days of your absence,
but I know you're there.


I'm Not Alone

Look what I've found.
A confession.
Brightened up the day...
...eased all my soul inconveniences.

I am so afraid of failing that I don't even want to try.