Hide Me

My mind questions so many things.
My heart hides so many feelings.

Through my eyes,
as the only sense I can't control,
I shall speak my thoughts..
..and say no words.


Solid Grey Sky

What's behind the sky?
I don't know.
Human can never reveal..
..and i am only human.
I only weep.

What's beneath my cry?
I won't show.
It will always be sealed..
..'cause i am only human.
I often weep.

I'm under the dark grey clouds.
Alone and empty.
I weep..until the second i fall asleep.


A Heart Of Black And White

Black is the eternal pain,
for it is mine forever.
White is the eternal vain,
for it has never been better..
I feel none,
only black or white.
My feelings have gone,
there is only emptiness inside..