Me, Me, Me, And More Of Me...

It's time to be selfish now.
But not really,

I've done what it takes to set myself free.
Without hurting others.
But not really,

Have I been selfish?
For I intend to stop being self-centered.

fuck it all...


Can't Think Of Anything But You

Hey, are you okay?
I've got something to say...
...in my mind.

Do you know that you're always there?
I think it's unfair...
...for you, my dear.

Do you know that it's always been you?
This feeling is too true...
...that consumes me slowly from the inside.


The End Of Weeping Days

This is it.
My weeping days are over now.
Spitting shit.
We all spend sometimes for sorrow.

I'm here.
You're there.
We're all lost.


Lessons of Live, Lessons of Love

Life shall not be wasted by tears.
Life shall not be broken by love.
Life shall be filled with happiness.
Life shall be put away from hate.

Someone told me those.

He taught me love.
He taught me how to be calm.
He taught me to solve problems without being panic.
He empowered me.

Now I've learnt,
loving someone is not yet complete without losing them...


Do It For Real

Don't wait...
...if waiting makes you bored.
Because it would make you upset,
and left others tortured.

Don't wait...
...if waiting is not what you want to do.
Because you would end up mad,
and hurt others.

Don't wait...
...if you don't want to wait.
Because you won't do it for real.