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The Last Piece Of A Broken Mind

There's no pure forgiveness,
for the only love belongs to the Almighty..
..and what you feel is a fake sadness,
for you don't know how to feel guilty.
I'm so lost in my own perception,
you're so lost in your own imagination.
You've seen my tears,
therefore you said you hated to see me cry.
But it is you who built my fears,
and for God sake i never know why..
I'm loving the whole person that you are,
and you're expecting something that is way to far.


Almost Concious

An angel is beside me.
I can feel the presence,
so real that i can hear a soft sentence..
An angel calms my nerves.
I can feel the wholly feeling,
so real that i realize if this is what i've been wanting..
An angel is always by my side.
I can feel the charm,
so real that i can sense the warmth..

..and i'm losing my conciousness.

How I Will Die

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A Day Means Something

When you realize that you are someone older,
and everything seems to be harder..
..don't moan, neither grouch.
Instead, be stronger..
..be someone who is better than ever.

(wherever you are, happy birthday Indra!)

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I'm On Your Back

Find me when you're blue,
at least i could hold your hands..
Share your hopes and fears,
at least i could be a good listener..
Be sure that i'll be here beside you,
when you could find no one else around.
I'll do my best to ease your tears,
'cause you mean something to me..

To Forgive Does Not Mean To Forget

It is hard to be done,
though the fault is unseen..
..had been forgiven, to be more precise.
Could you?

When memories can't be erased,
though the feeling has gone..
..had been burried, to be more precise.
Could you?

It is impossible to deny the truth,
that you saty in my mind forever..
..had never been erased, to be more precise.
I couldn't.


For Those Who Ripped My Heart

May you folks be blessed,
for what you did had torn my heart.
May you folks be embraced,
for what you did had given me suffer.
May you folks be forgiven,
for what you did had left me scars.
May you folks be forgotten,
for what you did had brought me tears.

May you folks be good..
..for what you did had been bad.


I'm an egoistic character,
built with anger inside,
a bit of love and lots of tears.
Pressure is my mate,
happiness is a fantasy.
I'm a perfect madness..


They don't know themselves,
how would they understand others?
While i'm still trying to understand myself,
with this bleeding heart in a hand of a daughter.
I can't figure out how their brains work,
they have their own perception which is so hard to follow.
So i let myself dissapear with a lurk,
and a bleeding heart full of sorrow.
I'm exhausted to keep on waiting in such a blurry imminence,
while the world seems to be a huge circle of junk.
They said i was only a stupid innocence,
and it was a straight shot to my lung.
Are they hoping for a doom or have they lost their sanity?
For their kindness is so superficial,
and i've given up my efforts to make them see..
..i'm not that biblical.


Unconditional Acceptance

I'm standing on this edge of sight,
and enjoying the starry night.
Are you looking at the same star?
The one that seems so far.
I'm somewhere out there,
but you might not care.
You're the one who keeps me smiling,
and you are my special something..
You're the centre of my attention,
what i feel is not a delusion.
I often wonder my own mind,
it often wishes that it is you who i'll always find.
Still..my presence won't make a difference at all,
'cause in your life i feel so small.
I can never ask for more,
for being who you are is what i adore..


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How To Make A Me..

How to make a hana may

1 part mercy

1 part silliness

1 part ego
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Top it off with a sprinkle of sadness and enjoy!

You Are My Best Surprise

It was such a long day,
and i got nothing to say.
For what i felt is so true,
and i'm glad that it was you..
I thought i would never feel this way again,
but you gave another hope to sustain.
The wall i've built in me
has been demolished and i'm free..
Remind me that i'm not alone,
and for you i'll let my feeling shown.


Struggling My Life

For every steps i've done,
all i want is just to stay alive..
For that i shall sacrifice all the fun,
with a hope that i shall survive..

This is what i'm struggling for,
since i knew that my life is my own burden.
Sometimes it is such a bore,
but it is a great responsibility that i can compare myself with a surgeon.

I'm sick..
..yet, also excited.



A storming heavy rain,
as if it’s the end..
Although eyes know the pain,
but heart just can’t be send..

To react as I was told,
is to do something that has already been fold.

She is the only and absolute,
like the elves singing happy songs with flute.
Mind has received thy call,
and it seems that everybody enjoys to see me fall.

I’ve fought for life that is mine to keep,
but sorrow just deny that it’s time to sleep.
Hands are clapping free and feet can fly up high,
she asked me “Are you worthy enough for me to try?”

“I know everything inside”, I yelled.
reaching out for just an answer, an answer that I just can’t tell.
They all laugh louder than hell,
I wonder how can they stand their own smell..

Judge me jury for I have lied,
there’s nothing that I do for you that’s right..
Hate me as long as I’m here,
your dogma is nothing but fear.

O’ Soul please be awake,
I hear my lady is crying.
For she is the one my heart is believing..

(thanks to Steve for his contribution..)


I'm still me,
well..that's what i think.
You're different,
well..just the appearance.
We're still bestfriends,
well..that's a fact.

Efforts To Cheer Others

I've done something wrong,
i suppose..
Now i'm thinking all night long,
asking myself for a purpose..
I'm singing this sad song,
and these tears are dropped for those..

Shall i obtain any forgiveness?
I've been questioning this inconvenience.
I don't want to be hopeless,
neither to be such a disturbance.

I am not that strong,
i suppose..
Still not knowing where i really belong,
asking myself for a purpose..
I'll remember our songs,
and these tears are dropped for those..


Unwrapped Heart

Like a bright thunder,
it is true of what is shown.
As a heart is not feeling the splendor,
and afterwards it is thrown..

To stare at one's eyes and to feel one's soul,
is even harder than to say the thoughts.
But life is just about playing the role..

As the sun rises,
it has gone of what is loved,
and no more memory about places,
and the pain can only be defined with a cough..
..and death.

Help Me, Please..

Here i go again,
something's wrong with my mind.
this is what i never understand,
there's a pressure i can't find.
It's killing me,
and i really need somebody..
..would anybody care?

A floating soul of mine is dying,
and i've lost my path.
Where the hell am i going?
This is more complicated than math,
and i hate this.
I've stopped sensing the bliss,
when you said that betrayal came from a kiss.

My Problems Are Never Yours

When i cry,
i don't think you'd care.
What else should i try?
I can only stare..

I am always me,
and you are always you..

When i'm down,
you've never been the one i can lean on.
You built your own town,
and finally found me gone.

You are simply you,
and i am simply me..