I Know I'm Gonna Miss This

My morning glory.
Sunset at the freeway.
A happy story,
of one fine day.



Sad Afternoon

I live my ordinary life,
restlessly trying to argue with the world.
Wondering about lies they always told,
and how am I supposed to behave.
Nobody understands.

Still, I'm walking along with my hidden future..



What if I told you that I'm imperfect?
Would you still be there?
What if I told you that some people give me no respect?
Would you still care?

There are things that you'll never understand.
Some are better left unspoken.
My life is only a big plan,
just tell me that i am forsaken.

What I Know I Am

I don't think i can be me.
Not with who i am now.
I wish they could see.
I wish i know how.
Please let me be...
...what i know i am.


Do I Really Have To Know Your Past?

Your ex-girlfriends,
your ex-almost-girlfriends,
do I really have to know your past?
I don't, actually.
'Cause I might hurt myself.
But I want to.