I Love You In My Way

I've loved you and nobody else.
If it doesn't shown, forgive me.

There's no one else i want but you,
nothing else can take your place.
I thought i would never feel this kind of feeling again,
but you came..and changed my world.

I've loved you and nobody else.
If it doesn't shown, forgive me.

I might've failed you down,
or wasn't there when you needed a shoulder to cry on.
The risk of losing you is something i wish i could avoid,
though..i'll take it and love you still.

I've loved you and nobody else.
If it doesn't shown, forgive me.

I Am Reality

I was born in a time i can't recall.
Stupid behaviors and strange movements.
When the greatest dominations fall,
everyone will be their own governments.
Fools never realise they're typical.
What kind of creature are they trying to summon?
Some sane people are going way too physical,
and i am just going to enjoy the chaotic moment.

On The Edge Of Something Pointless

She's loving the blue sky.
The clear pure feeling with a simple honesty.
Nobody else can make her die.
The sky is the only thing she loves to see..
..and it is flawless.
An imagination comes true yet untouchable.
The only thing that makes her fearless,



The light in such a dark night.
The warmth in a cold weather.
The rainbow after a heavy rain.
The dew that relieves thirst.
The blood that runs through my veins.
The air that everyone breathes.
The core that controls the universe.



A smile doesn't kill,
does it?
I'll just bleed..
A cut won't bring me ill,
will it?
I'll deny what they say i need..
..and i shall survive.

So here comes the vain..
..and this is what i gain.

Wealth is not everything,
isn't it?
I'll still be what i am..
..without being wealthy.
The mind is just another being,
isn't it?
I'll undo this useless life program..
..the world is so messy.

So here comes the pain..
..and life's just a stain.

Sing Me A Lullaby

Caught you in a glimpse,
a figure i've been missing.
Not as good as it seems,
an empty feeling.
Sing me a lullaby,
your sweet memory.
Hold me and don't ask why.
Baby, i'm so lonely.

Inner Scar

Don't leave. Please.
I'm moaning in silence.
I'm afraid to share what i want..
..if only i knew why.


Left me undone,
a scar that i used to adore.
So close yet too unreal,
an expectation should never be revealed.
Put a hole in my brain,
a puzzle of the solid confuseness.
Stay..far away.


A Place For Us To Go

You are such a wonderful one,
and it's you that all i got.
The warmth is like the sun,
and you put it on the perfect spot.

Nothing could be more perfect than this.
A melody shouts me a bliss..

You turn my world upside down,
and it's you that all i know.
The comforting side of you i have found,
straight to my heart like an arrow.

Nothing could be more perfect than this.
A melody shouts me a bliss..


I'm in the middle of nowhere,
so lost in somewhere unknown.
I'm a stranger and i don't know what to do,
so lost and i'm alone.


Simply Fake

A group of people,
putting smiles on their faces.
I wish they were true,
but they're so fake.
Such an artificial acceptance..
..and there's nothing i can do.
They shall see others attendance..
..'cause everyone's basicly equal.


I'm As Far As You Seem

What i'm least expected,
is this..
What have you suggested?
Such a rubbish!
I'm as far as you seem..
..but you don't understand.

Morning Glory

The sun has risen,
and the chill gives me thrill..
My mind is frozen.
I have no will..