There's No Corner In The Room

I found myself laying,
the world is out of sight.
Everything's dreamy...

I found no other people,
but I didn't see any place to hide.
Things can be seen clearly...

There's no corner in the room,
I'm all on my own.
What is this place?
I'm feeling butterfly.


What Am I Then?

Do you like him because he's similar to you?
Or what?
Are you being so happy because he has the same personality as you do?
I have questions in my head...

If so,
then what am I?
Is it so?

I love him,
with fear of being your shadow.
I really want to be with him,
with fear of being consumed by sorrow.


Pass You By

What is it that you want to say?
Spit it out, baby.
Your anxiety?
What else could it be?

All I ever had,
with you...they all went bad.
Now should I be sad?
Nope, unless I'm mad.

Loving Him With All My Heart

I see through the wall,
late at night when stars recall.
Reminds me that 'til the end,
he is going to stay with me now and then.

And I love him.
Oh, I do.

With all my heart...