Do You Know Me?

Do you know me?
For I don't need any sympathy,
from people who think they know me..
..while they don't.
It hurts me thousands times more.

Do you know me?
If you don't,
just shut your trap.
For what you said might harm yourself.


Dear An Initial

You don't really know me,
not anymore.

What lies beneath my flesh,
inside my mind,
you no longer know.

Pressures are given to feed me,
they remain here.

How world is still being torn apart from me,
left a burning scar in my heart,
do you know?

I wanna escape to you,
but I could no longer do..

Black Butterfly

I saw a beautiful black butterfly,
flew in front of my eyes.
It was such a crowded place,
but everything freezed.
I saw none but the black butterfly,
nothing could draw my attention.

I saw a beautiful black butterfly,
and I knew something would disappear..


A Reply For The Short Message From An Initial

So hard have I tried to save you and me.
So hard have I struggled to achieve an acceptance.
But everyday I cry you a river,
for pressures have always been my allies.

Now I can only mourn, I can only weep,
and I can no longer sleep..
for boundaries are everything I see, everything I feel,
and the obstacles that seal.

A Short Message From An Initial

My presence's a dead air,
for I don't feel my surroundings.
My presence's negative,
for I always seemed dark and unfriendly.
My presence hurts the one I love.


When I eat,
there comes the guilt.
A sweet sin with shadow,
poisonous beauty like black widow.
When I eat,
everything tastes bitter sweet.
No longer can I hold any temptation,
a deadly thing covered by lovely sensation.


Poor Siblings

I saw my brother this morning..
..with a frown written there.
There were no two taken to tango,
time for him to find someone else.
A sad love story..

I woke up earlier this morning..
..what I felt was anxiety.
For the one that I love is out of reach,
and I wish he would see what I see.
Another sad love story..

I don't know how he feels,
he doesn't know what I feel.

We're just poor siblings..
..trying to find love.

Life In A Box

He said I had made a box to be lived in,
a thin and invisible box made of glass..
..for no reason.
He wondered why I couldn't break the box.

Well, here's my reason..
..I hate the pain when I have to break the glass.
I've been there before.

I live in a box now,
a thin and invisible box made of glass..
..watching people come and go.
I live my life in fears and tears.


What Keeps Insanity Away From Me

A friend asked me,
"Are you okay?"

I replied with a sigh,
"No, I'm not.."

Then a long silence..
"..but I'm making myself feel that I'm okay."


My Life

I wrote down my life with sadness and joy.
All I know is a fact that life has turned me upside down..
..all the time.
It's my life, though..

I have no idea of what you had written in life.
All I know is a fact that you has been struggling so hard..
..all the time.
But you're a bit late, though..


Sugarry Sky

I see stars like sugar.
But still,

I see you as the brightest star.
But still,
everything has failed me..

I see my reflection in a place too far.
But still,
the presence of you stays here..


We'll Be Missing Those Moments

I'll be missing our moments,
and so will you.

When our hands were holding tight,
and whispers were made along the wind that slipped through our ears.
One past memory..

You made a comforting touch,
in your arms I used to lay my head and dream about our future.
But our future is only a past now..
..too bad.

I'll be missing our moments,
and so will you.

We shall smile,
each time we look at the empty grey sky.

Me without you,
you without me..