who is called 'mother',
has been my power..
I worship her.

who taught me fear,
has been the source of my tears.
I wish i could make something out for her to be cheered.

who said that she always wanted the best for me,
has been the main reason why i always feel guilty.
She is not what i want to be.

who always blames me for never being independent,
has been the one with the most interference.
She made me sick by making me different.

who makes me smile,
has always made me cry.
Now i just want to die..


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The Sad Smiler

There is no sunshine among the clouds,
and she can only smile between the shouts.
Lovely..she used to be..
What's in her heart has never been unfold.

There is no sweet lullaby,
and she doesn't care about the time passing by..
Happy..she used to be..
What's in her mind has never been told.

Words Of Your Own

I don't care.
It's not you who is standing there,
so i don't think i should stare..
This feeling is too stupid to bare.
You said i should share,
but now you're the one who can't spare.
It's not fair..

If You're Fake..

I'm not okay.
I trust you and everything you say..
These tears are dropped for you,
and you never know the truth..
If in the end you're just a fake,
everything is just to late..
You were a good lover,
and a total disaster..


I Wish I Hadn't..

..been such a shy one.
I am the least outstanding person.
..been so afraid about anything.
I am too paranoid.
..done my stupid mistakes.
I am just a nobody with a dream to be somebody.
..made my parents cry.
I am still trying to be a perfect daughter.
..been a copycat.
I am doing something that i hate.

I should really stop pitying myself..


About The Past

The story of him and i has over.
We were never been lovers.
It might happened the otherwise,
maybe i didn't realize.
I didn't end it,
maybe he did..