Nothing Can Heal My Broken Heart But God

I saw her tears filled with fury.
I saw anxiety when he was angry.
They didn't look like who they used to be,
i saw them more like two strangers...

I wish i wasn't there.


Where's My Angel?

Lost his wings,
no longer can fly.
Therefore i hear no more singings.
My angel cries..
And i have no heart,
i have nothing left but him..


Half Empty

Things are different now and then.
Everyone expects a friend.
Must be able to blend,
or at least know how to follow the trend.
Definitely not me..

Things happen slow.
Everyone avoids a foe.
Someone to fight the flow,
or at least know how to hit the torso.
Sounds nice to me..

Some said i'm bitchy,
some said i'm lovely.
I'm just half empty..


My Edgy Heart

Loving you is the bravest thing in my life.
Having you is the scarriest thing in my life.

Then you hold me,
like there will be no more life.
Then you whisper,
i am complete with you.

I have nothing else matter,
but you..
but you..my baby.


Being Ignorant

I'm imperfect.
They don't see.
It's in my blood.
I never regret.

Don't be there,
you don't want to.
I'll be here,
i don't care about you.

I'm sinful.
They over-expose it.
It's in their blood too.
They never regret.

Don't judge me,
you don't use your brain.
I'll do the same,
i only see you as a stain.


So..This Is Emptiness

So this is how it feels.
Strike me right through my heels.
I say none.
It's all been done.
So small,
i can't take it on my own if the world falls.
I don't need any shoulders to lean on,
the feeling of hope is now gone.