Not Friends, Neither Enemies

I don't read minds.
I can't and that's fine.
I don't recognize any friends or enemies,
they're all blurry.
I think i'm mad,
for being so sad..
..too often,
and the pain is unspoken.
I keep myself away from everything.
I'm avoiding artificial feelings.
Where's the unconditional condition?
There's no such position.
Everything is so insane,
i can't believe what is sustained.
I'm not a freak,
i just let my mind speaks..
another attitude of me..


Everything's Normal But Me

I'm not adorable,
i'm just abnormal.
The strangest attitude is in me,
it is better to be exiled.
I wanna quit asking things,
for being concern is such a crap.
I could smell the morning taste,
but i couldn't sense my own feeling.
The accused one is unknown,
but i still think of myself as a victim.
I can't cry when i want to,
instead..i make a laughter.

The Unbreakable Wall

Where can they find any laughters?
They used to be here like the cascading water..
What is wanted has been gone forever,
as it is spoken about the truth of never.
Is it better to end everything faster?
Or will it bring more suffer?
The mind is unable to work harder,
can not stand it any longer..


Yours And Mine

There is no glorious moment,
as day passes by..
..and i've made no comments.
Please no more goodbye..
Each time i stare at those eyes,
i wish this feeling would never die..
..for all the time we've spent.
A precious gift i can never buy,
and we're here..again.

They Can't Stand Me

I'm not wild,
they said i was.
I'm just doing right,
my thoughts are unfalse.
I'm strange,
am i not?
I don't wanna change,
and it's not my fault.


Do You?

I often sob for me.
You never know.
That's the way it has to be,
i know you should go.
I wish you could see,
we couldn't just let it flow..

Do you know that i always need you?

Cold-Hearted Guy

I saw you sitting,
alone with your mind.
What is it that you were thinking?
You didn't share and be kind..

I was there.
You didn't notice my presence.
Were you thinking that i never care?
I could tell though you never made a sentence..

I am alone,
thinking of myself.
My heart has stoned.
I'm hurting myself..


The Blue View

There it is,
the view with a true bliss.
Showers my soul like a warm kiss,
as the one i'm gonna miss.
And it is perfect..


The Best Parents In The World

I'd like to hold your hands,
and stare at your eyes..
..so you could know how i feel.
But you don't know..
I'd like to see you smile,
and laugh along with you..
..so you could have sweet memories about us.
But you don't smile..
I'd like to be honest with you,
and build my trust in you..
..so we can be a true happy family.
But i can never be true to you..